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it takes some loss before you find it.

i miss the 906. like whoa. i feel like moving out of that house was like breaking up from a long-term relationship 5 times. and then we spent 3 months not talking to each other and now we hang out randomly to get coffee or drunk.

it's weird how much happened in that house.

i wish this year were last year. but the opposite as well.

i miss dance parties, jessie playing the guitar, hippie parties, 60 people i know and love singing bohemian rhapsody around my kitchen table while jho dances on the bar, cuddle parties, slanty roofs, poetry readings, sebastian and pasque flower reunions, acoustic guitar night, the one night when all 5 girls were in the house at once alone, the killers, grilling out (two whole times!!), ebay all the time, an art table, post-it notes, space, whale-y, and derbs.

things are changing.

why is honesty so hard?

i miss you stephen tyler davis. i want to hear you sing poison ivy. and that is truth.

a creative mind without discipline is a complete waste.

sarah, don't be a punk.
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