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pip pip, cheerio, and mr. whippey

i am in fact alive.

new york has been great, excessive work for little pay, but amazing folks and fun trips.

i work with 8 lovely people in my costume shop, 4 of which are british and too much fun. i will have fun slang when i come home.

we're coming to the end of the second of three sessions. i have designed footloose, the cell, cry havoc, and copcabana. so, 80s, nuns, soldiers, and showgirls. quite fun indeed. but 2 more to go.

new york city and i are becoming much better freinds. i've seen mary poppins and hairspray. honestly, mary poppins blew my mind. hairspray, not so much.

there is a bar within walking distance of camp. and that is dangerous and lovely all at the same time. 21 is everything i thought it would be.

i live in the attic of a "restored" hotel with 3 other people, all from different countries.

i miss home and real food. i miss my boy. i miss friends and i miss tuscaloosa, strangely enough. but no worries i suppose because in only 4 weeks. i will be back. and i am having a swell time.

let me know if you're ever near new york city!

love you all!!!!!!!
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