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'you' as in a general 'you,' but if you take it personally, awesome.

i don't know what this phase is exactly. why everything i read has some deeper meaning and i'm able to completely devour words and their various assemblies, sometimes magnificent. why every time i hear someone say anything close to entertaining or profound, i have to write it down. why everything seems creepily relevant and easily applied to my daily conflict of thought. why i read quotations aloud and talk out their wonderfulness to others. i don't know why things are so inspiring or why i can't not be deep and obnoxious about everything. why i keep my friends awake until all hours of the night rambling to them about nothing more than the things i think about that i think are cool. but that's where i am right now and i guess have to hang out here until i'm ready to move on. i'm doing better lately, keeping most of it for me instead of pestering others, but it's still there. i guess i just a hit a very intense spot of growing up. where things can and do make complete sense, but are sometimes completely devoid of sense. i don't know why i've been so scattered. i don't know why i can't make myself get my shit done until 5 minutes before it has to be done. why i've been so backstage on life recently. why if you get me in the right mood, i can't shut my freaking mouth. i even think about how much i'm talking as i'm talking, i guess trying to keep myself in check, but it all comes pouring out no matter how hard i try to shut the h up. i don't know why. but it would be great to know that you're willing to be patient with me until i can figure it out and know that maybe i never will, but it will be alright. i promise i'm not confused or slacking or running away. i'm only changing. i am still here to help, no matter what your need. all you have to do is ask and then just have a little faith.
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